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Ezra Pound and ‘Globe’ Magazine: The Complete Correspondence (Bloomsbury, 2015)

Edited with an Introduction by Michael T. Davis and Cameron McWhirter
In the summer of 1936, Ezra Pound agreed to take on the role of European Correspondent for a newly launched travel journal entitled Globe: The International Magazine. Ezra Pound and ‘Globe’ Magazine: The Complete Correspondence collects for the first time Pound’s writings for the journal and his extensive correspondence with one of its editors, James Taylor Dunn, and the leading writers who Pound himself attempted to recruit for the magazine. Numbering almost forty letters and twenty published and unpublished articles, these writings represent a darkly significant time in Pound’s thought as his infatuation with the rise of fascism took root. Annotated throughout and supported by substantial explorations of the historical and cultural contexts of the writings, the book also includes a substantial bibliography of related writings and a biographical glossary of the major figures discussed in the correspondence and writing. Together, these texts represent an important resource for anyone interested in an important phase of 20th-Century literary modernism.

Ezra Pound and Education (National Poetry Foundation, 2012)
Edited by Steven Yao and Michael Coyle
Chapter on Pound’s relationship with his alma mater by Michael Davis and Cameron McWhirter
From the book’s introduction: “[I]n many ways Pound anticipated and advocated for a kind of critical approach to (again mainly literary) education that we currently strive to uphold.”

A Selected Catalog of the Ezra Pound Collection at Hamilton College (Couper Press, 2005)
Compiled with notes by Cameron McWhirter and Randall L. Ericson, Introduction by Cameron McWhirter

An illustrated catalog of the extensive Ezra Pound collection at Hamilton College, including detailed sections on Pound correspondence and manuscripts held at the college; primary material Pound used for his poetry and prose; rare first editions of Pound works and foreign translations of Pound books.

The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia (Greenwood, 2005)
Edited by Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos and Stephen J. Adams
Cameron McWhirter, contributor

From the book: “Ezra Pound forever changed the course of poetry. The author of a vast body of literature, his enormous range of references and use of multiple languages make him one of the most obscure authors and―because of his Fascism, anti-Semitism, and questionable sanity―one of the most controversial. This encyclopedia is a concise yet comprehensive guide to his life and writings….The entries are written by roughly 100 expert contributors and cite works for further reading.”

img_1162-1Omar Shakespear Pound: A Bibliography (Couper Press, 2008)
Compiled with a note by Cameron McWhirter; introduction by Robert Spoo

A selected bibliography of the poetry and prose of Omar Pound, son of Dorothy Shakespear and raised by Ezra Pound as his own. The brochure includes details of various editions of Omar Pound’s Arabic & Persian Poems and other works.

Whimsically Grotesque: Selected Writings of Lafcadio Hearn in The Cincinnati Enquirer, 1872-1875, (Do-Jidai Sha Co. Ltd., 2004 [Japanese and English]; republished by Kyovision Press, 2009 [English only])
Edited with notes and an Introduction by Cameron McWhirter and Owen Findsen

This book is the first extensive collection of the Cincinnati Enquirer reportage of Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904), the prominent 19th Century writer most famous for his writings from Japan. Hearn became a famous chronicler of Japanese folk tales, especially ghost stories. Prior to his work in Japan, Hearn spent years as a prolific reporter and writer for U.S. newspapers in Cincinnati and New Orleans. He got his start in journalism as the Cincinnati Enquirer, rising quickly in the ranks to become one of their star reporters, despite his odd appearance and strange work habits.