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Dec. 1, 2016:
Gatlinburg Residents Vow to Rebuild After Wildfires Ravage Area
The blazes and smoke forced people in Tennessee to flee for their lives; ‘we lost everything,’ says one resident

Nov. 27, 2016:
In Florida, Hard-Liners on Cuba See Chance for Policy Shift
Opponents of U.S. engagement with Havana are buoyed by Trump’s tough talk

Nov. 15, 2016:
Forest Fires Spread by Drought Strike Southern Appalachians
Dozens of wildfires threaten homes and tax firefighters as they evacuate people from the region

Nov. 4, 2016:
Severe Drought Strikes the South
Farmers and ranchers are taking a hit, while municipalities scramble to ensure water supplies

June 17, 2016:
Orlando Shooting Leaves Gay Survivors, Mourning Families Struggling With Secrets
Friends and loved ones come to grips with abrupt public identification after nightclub

June 19, 2016:
Orlando’s Muslims Wary of Retaliation
Mosques hire armed guards and see attendance drop, while imams attack Omar Mateen

Jan. 21, 2016:
Is This Stone Linked to the Lost Colony of Roanoke?
Small college wants to take another look at the first Dare stone, an inscribed rock long thought to be a fake

July 20, 2015:
Chattanooga Shooting Suspect Showed Signs of Trouble
Mohammod Abdulazeez was depressed, lost job over drug test and faced DUI charge

July 9, 2015:
Confederate-Symbol Backlash Grows
Cities, schools debate removing statues, renaming buildings—even relocating graves

Feb. 28, 2014:
Approach of Mosquito-Borne Virus Has U.S. on Alert

Aug. 18, 2012:
Communities Struggle to Break a Grim Cycle of Killing

Dec. 6, 2012:
To Quote Thomas Jefferson, ‘I Never Actually Said That’
Librarian Tracks Sayings Misattributed to Founding Father; ‘A Fine Spiced Pickle’

March 26, 2011:
The Numbers War Between the States
New Research Questions Who in the Confederacy Had the Most War Dead


May 10, 2009:
Oxendine’s big funder: Individual giving is limited to $12,200, Yet 10 PACs set up by one insurance exec gave $120,000 total

Dec. 7, 2003:
Losing Jacque: A Mother on Meth — the story of a Georgia woman’s destructive addiction to Methamphetamine


Oct. 28, 2002:
Chaldeans desert Iraq for promise of Metro Detroit

Oct. 28, 2002:
Iraq’s Precious Relics Decimated by Theives

Week of June 17, 2001:
First two days of five-part initial series “Broken Detroit,” on the history of city. First week focused on the last five decades on a single Detroit block.

2008: Columbia Journalism Review essay about my experiences caught up in the “Chiquita” debacle, and the importance of a shield law for journalists