The old Knox County Courthouse in Knoxville Tennessee, site of a major race riot in 1919

I recently visited Knoxville for work and visited the old courthouse, to see if one of the worst race riots of the Red Summer of 1919 was noted on any of the many historic plaques and monuments there.
In late August, a white mob ransacked the building in an attempt to find a black man, Maurice Mayes, who was charged with murdering a white woman. The old courthouse, built in 1885, still houses some court operations, but the bulk of county cases are handled in a newer building nearby. I saw no markers noting the riot, which was one of the worst acts of violence ever to take place in the city and wasn’t suppressed until the national guard intervened (after some units joined the rioters). The closest that I could find to any acknowledgement of the violence was a plaque noting an addition built in 1920 and 1921, likely repairs for damage caused by the rioters. Red Summer has a chapter on the mayhem.

The old Knox County Courthouse from across the street.
The old Knox County courthouse from across the street.
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